What to expect from subscribing to this newsletter...
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What to expect from subscribing to this newsletter...

Nicky's List is a weekly newsletter highlighting where the smartest money and minds are investing and building in web3/crypto.

We'll keep a pulse on everything happening in web3, from the perspective of the smartest investors and founders.

Here's what you can expect from subscribing (read free a16z post here):

1) Each week, we'll analyze a top tier fund

  • Portfolio breakdown.
  • Where they're investing thematically.
  • Most interesting companies and why you should care.

2) Highlight opportunities to invest in equity and tokens

  • Source early opportunities to buy tokens in companies backed by the best VCs.
  • Whether you’re a VC, founder, or aping into tokens - you'll have a pulse on where to focus your time and energy.

3) Keep you up-to-date and speaking the language

  • Web3 is moving at a lightning pace; You won’t have to worry about missing anything.

4) Access to data and portfolio scraper

  • Paying subscribers can access data on all VC portfolios we've tracked, get real-time updates from the web scrapper, and receive subscriber-only content in their inbox weekly.

Why is this paid?

It’s a lot of work. As long as there is at least one person paying we'll keep writing and posting publicly.

Thanks again, and please tell a few friends if you feel like it.