Companies we want to fund

If you're building or thinking of building any of the below, please DM me on Twitter, I'd love to chat with you ⚡️

CRMs for NFT sellers / communities

When you sell an NFT, you know the buyer's wallet, but nothing else. You can hack other information together, but there is a need for someone offering intelligence on the wallet that bought your NFT. Do they still own it? Did they sell it to someone else? What other things are they buying? This can extend with computer vision to learn what a person's style is by the types of NFTs they buy.

Products making DeFi more simple

DeFi was made for robots and not humans. The next wave of crypto people will arrive once the current processes become more user-friendly: operating a wallet, buying and staking on different chains, and managing multiple wallets. The regular user doesn't want to interface nor understand what is happening behind the scenes, they just want it to work.

API tracking wallet activity --> is this person a bad actor?

Companies, NFT communities, and gamers will want to know who they're selling to, who they're letting into their community, and if these people (wallets) have been sketchy in the past.

Customer success for web3

Outside of communicating on Discord, it's impossible to properly help customers that bought an NFT. You don't know who they are by design, but as larger brands move into web3, they will need a direct line of communication with their customer base.

More auditing services

The current landscape is horrendous. Auditing is crazy expensive and booked out for quarters.