👀 The current Ai / GPT 3 boom created a big opportunity for *this* web3 company
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👀 The current Ai / GPT 3 boom created a big opportunity for *this* web3 company

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A verification tool that lets creators digitally sign anything.

This isn't a new concept but with this past week's barrage of Ai generated content, we won't be able to tell what was created by a human and what was created by ai, and that's a really big problem.

Here are a couple of examples:

  1. Famous people will be impersonated by deep fakes and used for promotion without their consent.
  2. Consumers will want to know if their favorite blog they pay for is actually being written by the author they think it is.
  3. Etc. etc.

This morning Fred Wilson spelled out the opportunity for web3 and Ai here:

Fred Wilson, Author at AVC
Musings of a VC in NYC

Mr. Wilson uses a blockchain-powered blogging tool that verifies on-chain that it's Fred Wilson who's posting the content.

I post my blogs at AVC.com and also at AVC.Mirror.xyz which is a web3 blogging platform that allows me to sign my posts and store them on-chain.

This verification issue will be the new reality for any creator. From Twitter personalities to vice industries like adult content, we think there will be a very interesting GTM and technological approach to this problem and we want to back the solution.

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