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Our Portfolio Companies

Discover the ventures that are redefining industries and creating new paradigms.

Simplifying Web3 interactions with an intuitive abstraction layer.

Decentralized data labeling and model creation (“Decentralized Scale AI”)

AI-powered video summarization for businesses.

AI companions with emotional intelligence for interactive entertainment.

Decentralized 3-D printing network

Trustless on-chain swaps for any crypto, with secure off-exchange BTC custody.

Stable Diffusion API served by a decentralized network of GPUs.

Revolutionizing energy with commercial fusion through advanced superpermeation techniques.

Halving machine learning costs with a groundbreaking decentralized computing.

AI curated highlights for professional sports.

Streamlining biobank transactions with a secure, transparent platform.

Advancing privacy in AI with state-of-the-art fully homomorphic encryption.

Transforming mental health care with their comprehensive support system.

Boosting productivity for Chiefs of Staff with their innovative AI assistant.

Revolutionizing Salesforce queries with instant, conversational AI insights.

Accelerating enterprise growth with their AI-driven marketing automation.

Creating immersive strategy games powered by emergent gameplay mechanics.

Introducing a personal AI agent that lives in your browser.

Pioneering secondary markets for digital assets with unparalleled security.

Delivering seamless Web3 integration for any product with their embedded infrastructure.

Facilitating cross-border B2B payments via stablecoins for frictionless transactions.

Enabling B2B payments in Latam with their innovative stablecoin solution.

Redefining B2B and cross-border payments with their robust stablecoin platform.

Empowering Web3 user engagement through targeted data analytics.

Building the future of blockchain with their decentralized derivative platform.

Providing flexible, scalable blockchain node infrastructure for diverse needs.

Centralizing governance participation with a platform for delegates and visionaries.

Merging gaming and social media for on-the-go game creation and sharing.

Securing decentralized access with the most robust infrastructure in Web3.

Cultivating a premier network for Silicon Valley’s elite entrepreneurs.

Revolutionizing ad tech with privacy-first advertising through zero knowledge proofs.

Innovating DeFi with their unique approach to decentralized financial solutions.

Enabling instant, multi-token payments across any blockchain.

The ultimate customer support platform tailored for community engagement.